ENDSWELL Complete Series Box Set - Peter Morey *Signed

ENDSWELL Complete Series Box Set - Peter Morey *Signed

It's here! The Complete Endswell series, Episodes 1-5, with special slipcase cover to collect them all.

A young man attempts therapy and can't stop talking about his grandma's farm, Endswell.

The story weaves through the lives of the characters and creatures who have passed through and contributed to the 'miasma' of the farm over the course of his lifetime, along with research fragments and oral history that extends as far back as the 1820s.

At the centre of the tale is the chaotic end-of-life crisis of an eccentric matriarch which has ripples through the generations of a family.

A tale of misplaced attachment, extreme hoarding, all consuming hobbies, rescues (both human and animal), end-of-life care and responsibility, family dynamics, and post-industrial decline.

It is at times comedic, at times dramatic, and often surreal.

The complete series - episodes 1-5 - is collected here in 'box set' format with a bespoke slip-case. These have been self-published on the UK small press scene between 2018 and 2023.

"Endswell pulls the reader directly into the drama surrounding the clan, ensuring the reader feels deeply invested in the specifics of their story." - Broken Frontier

"A pure comics environment where it seems anything can and will happen." - Comics Grinder

"A family epic most artfully woven. I enjoyed never knowing what was coming next!" - Kate Anderson, Illustrator/Animator

Number of pages: approx 250
Dimensions: 210 x 150 x 40 mm