Geezer #1 - Will Potter, Philip Bond *SIGNED!

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Geezer #1 - Will Potter, Philip Bond *SIGNED!

Collectible 40-page Britpop comic book, presented in a 7”-square format to match a vinyl single. Written by William Potter. Art by Philip Bond.

Jam copies signed by Will Potter!

Martin Bland was in the right place in the wrong trousers, pouting in polyester when Suede were all the rage, sipping shandies as Oasis rattled Blur at Camden’s Good Mixer, touring the States with rival band Clobber, sexing up The Word, and hobnobbing with Tony Blair at Number 10.
You must have blinked and missed him!

Colliding with the famous, or face down on the pavement, wannabe Britpop star Bland and Geezer, his loyal band of underachievers, struggle against the odds in this comic-book tale of the also-ran. Geezer parallels the ups and downs of the early ‘90s British music scene, dips into real events with pathos and playfulness. Geezer will make you spit out your lager with its gags and break your heart with its lust for life and crushed ambition.

"Bland by name and bland by nature. I’ve never heard such utter drivel. Geezer are the type of band that prove that three year olds can pick up instruments and create a more tuneful noise."

- Rick Witter, Shed Seven

40 pages
black & white with colour cover