Poogurtory - Jenny Robins (Paperback)

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Poogurtory - Jenny Robins (Paperback)

This comic follows the instant messages between those two women out of Biscuits (Assorted) that send each other pictures of their poo. It's not all about poo though. It's mostly just a record of a mostly adequate friendship, during a pandemic. With memes and jokes.

In these unprecedented times, Rosa and Danni tackle some of life's big questions... Should you leave the house? Should you put a bra on for zoom meetings? Do you have Covid or just regular exhaustion? What makes you a grown up? Is Matt Lucas a national treasure? How much is too much baby content? How do you become a better person? Should you wear a mask? When should you clean the kitchen? When should you call and check on your friend? Can you even? With this government? Is skincare a con? Are these the end times? And most importantly, how does all of this impact your poo?

Number of pages: 32
Dimensions: 210 x 150 x 5 mm