Poor Little Ghosts - Davidt Dunlop (Paperback)

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Poor Little Ghosts - Davidt Dunlop (Paperback)


Poor Little Ghosts is a picture book that asks the question; 'Why do we always see ghosts haunting rich houses and mansions? Where are all the poor little ghosts?' This is a book for young and old spectral spotters with moody illustrations of ghostly apparitions in common places. It can be taken at face value as being a book full of sad little ghosts in poor places, or older ethereal hunters can read further into the text that ponders class bias and the meaning of wealth in the afterlife.

Inspired by books such as Sendak's 'Where the wild things are' and Foreman's 'Dinosaurs and all that rubbish', this is a thought provoking object that should see avid ghost enthusiasts returning to time and time again.

Number of pages: 24
Dimensions: 210 x 210 x 8 mm