Salamanca Blues #1 - Alba Ceide (Paperback)

Salamanca Blues #1 - Alba Ceide (Paperback)

Salamanca, once a gorgeous Spanish city, is now a decadent field of ruins buried in the desert. The intense heat and new predators have defeated human dominance of Earth, and mankind is on the brink.

Salamanca Blues #1 belongs to The Earth Blues Series, a collection of theme-related stories created to build a memoir of the future of mankind on Earth, influenced by climate change's terrible prospects.
This book imagines how life could be in Spain once most of its land has become a desert. The story of the first part, Sand, starts in the ruins of Salamanca where a religious order controls the population with fear and superstition.
But that is only the beginning...

"Slapstick violence and dark comedy are tools that Ceide uses to draw us into the story on a surface level but once there we become invested in the deeper subjects she is tackling. Salamanca Blues is a tale that doesn’t just mirror the ecological concerns we are living through but also touches on ideas of religious intolerance and bigotry." -

Number of pages: 48
Dimensions: 180 x 250 x 5 mm